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Thanks so much for stopping by. We are lifelong friends (and childhood neighbors) Abby Ferik & Kerry Stokes, and in an effort to bring more personality and positive energy into our homes we created Calhoun & Co. With a little bit of humor and cozy weekend vibes, we have created a line of accessories to help make your home space somewhere you can't wait to be.

Your home is the space you spend time with those nearest & dearest to you. We believe that space should reflect you and have the personality you want it to have-so have fun with it!

Calhoun & Co. is based in NYC, and we proudly collaborate with manufacturers all across the U.S.A.


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NAP-LEISURE — Cozy Collaboration

Kerry Stokes

Nap Leisure Calhoun & co. collaboration with

I’ve been a big fan of for quite some time…. so when I got the opportunity to do a collaboration with them, I was beyond excited. They just rolled out a super cute & cozy loungewear collection, along with the “NAP LEISURE” knit blanket we did together. I love seeing it photographed with all of their product in that super cute style. :)

This blanket is only available on — super limited edition, so grab one while they last.


Pink Knit Blanket - collaboration with and calhoun & co.