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Hello, we are Calhoun & Co.!

Thanks so much for stopping by. We are lifelong friends (and childhood neighbors) Abby Ferik & Kerry Stokes, and in an effort to bring more personality and positive energy into our homes we created Calhoun & Co. With a little bit of humor and cozy weekend vibes, we have created a line of accessories to help make your home space somewhere you can't wait to be.

Your home is the space you spend time with those nearest & dearest to you. We believe that space should reflect you and have the personality you want it to have-so have fun with it!

Calhoun & Co. is based in NYC, and we proudly collaborate with manufacturers all across the U.S.A.


From the eclectic home decor & gift brand, Calhoun & Co., comes this blog. We're here to build up our community, support on another. learn from each other, spark inspiration, & grow.

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Building a Community, Sparking Inspiration, & Sharing Progress

Kerry Stokes

Summer Friends Couch Chats illustration by Kerry Stokes for Calhoun & Co.

Hi Guys. Hello? Hey! Can you hear me? OK.... good. Kerry here with our very first blog post.

Today I just wanted to give you all a little introduction as to what you'll find here in the near future and why we've decided to launch this portion of our site. The main reason? We want to provide you guys with more of a Calhoun & Co. community. Yes — we are a brand designing and producing products that of course we'd like for you to purchase, but you know what else? We are also a brand that wants to inspire you, help you to build a home space that you just *love*, and to connect with you all.

Calhoun & Co. Community Over Competition

We believe in supporting those around you, and engaging in your community (whether it's your local community, or an online community that you've become a part of). We are constantly inspired by other artists, designers, stylists, creatives, and just straight up kind people. This world is a much smaller place than we realize and we think it's awesome to be able to cheer each other on. We are nothing without the support of our friends, family, the folks that follow along on Instagram, and...well — YOU! Thank you for being on this journey with us, we hope to build a community that you are proud to be a part of, and introduce you to other people & companies you'll just love.

Calhoun & Co. Inspiration Home Decor & Life

Inspiration can be a funny thing — sometimes it comes on strong and hits you out of nowhere, and then other times... it seems like it's nowhere. Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to get that inspirational fix. We'd love for this little corner of the internet to be a place where sometimes you just might be inspired to re-arrange your room, make a piece of art, or be extra kind to a stranger. Really craving something specific here? TELL US! We want to hear from you guys. Shoot us an email — with the subject "BLOG GOALS," and we'll see what we can do.

Calhoun & Co Story - Home Decor Designed with humor & cozy weekend vibes

This brand of ours — it's a journey. We haven't even hit our first birthday yet, but Calhoun & Co. has already grown so much. We know that our brand will continue to learn & develop, and we'd love for you to stay on the journey with us. We know that we have a ton to learn from you guys too — so don't be shy and let us know what you'd like to see more of!

Looking forward to growing this little community of ours. Stay tuned. ;)